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sfsfsfTo me, art is a true, honest magic that can change the way one looks at the world, and it is an honor when someone else finds a new way to see the world through my work.

I had the blessing of growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia. From an early age I was immersed in the beautiful culture of a people to whom art was simply a way of life. Walking down the street one can see an old woman teaching a child how to bead a sarong or young man carving a wooden bas-relief. My mother, a watercolorist who at that time was affiliated with Kori gallery in Jakarta, seized this amazing opportunity to educate her daughters. We were taught how to weave banana leaves into packets for longton (rice steamed in banana leaves). We painted barong masks and sat with the masters of the wyang kulit shadow puppet shows as learned as they worked their magic. We performed Indonesian dance and learned how to play the traditional music of the Javanese Gamelan. One of my favorite childhood memories was the summer I spent learning how to wax and dye batiks at a little studio just outside of the Monkey Forest in Bali.

This exposure to such a variety of artistic media so early in life has led me to a very elastic way of approaching art.

I am crazy for texture and color, be it in language, or the kind that can be seen and touched. I have found no need to pick one single medium; the fun for me comes from constantly diving feet first into a new technique, playing with it, and reforming it to enhance whatever I am currently trying to coax out of my mind.
For me there is a joy in it all, be it in photography, mosaics, decoupage, graphic design, embossing, wire work, sculpting, engraving….anything I can get my hands on. Manipulating physical images, words, and materials all gives an outlet to the sometimes off-bubble way I view the world…all of the beauty, humor, and yes – sarcasm, that gives me pause and make me think twice about things.

I am constantly awed by the mystery of how creation occurs. Amazingly, our subconscious mind fits images and ideas together to form a kaleidoscope of unique perceptions. You look at an image and see one thing; I can look at the same image and have a completely different experience.

Everywhere I look I am inspired. I hope when you look, you’re inspired, too.



Why is web design part of my online art portfolio?

Simple, website design is another amazing way I love to create & build things.


I am a partner and designer in a website company called Renegade Websites. We are a team of Chicago and New York WordPress designers creating beautiful, functional, and mobile responsive websites in WordPress.

I helped co-found Renegade Websites to fill in the vacuum the website development community seems to have in terms of personalized client care, marketing, and design. Years of merging art and design and building my own art business have given me a unique perspective when it comes to helping individuals and businesses create aesthetically well-thought-out designs and layouts for their websites.

Vector Electronic Media DevicesOur company is 3 years strong, and in that time we have built gorgeous websites encompassing all kinds of different business: Non for profit organizations, branding & marketing firms, medical clinics, arts & entertainment sites, online stores & e-commerce solutions, boutique pilaties studios…the list goes on…..we even make artist websites like this one!

Want to know more? Need a website? Check us out at where you can see our online portfolio of work. You can also contact me directly at